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"Welcome to the Shankar Mahadevan Academy, a venture I am truly excited about. 

Our vision is to make learning of Indian music easy, accessible, and exciting to people worldwide.

Our philosophy is simple- to impart high quality learning in music through innovative methods while having a great deal of fun. Whether you are just  starting to learn music or are an experienced student, I can assure you that this journey of music learning and appreciation will be fun and very  rewarding!"   

New Batch starting April 2019

Hindustani Vocals for Children

These courses provide a foundation for young children to enjoy and appreciate Indian music. The lessons introduce the children to the fundamentals of Hindustani music with an approach of generating curiosity and discovery. The concepts of Sur and Laya are weaved into interesting poetry and rhythm. This series of courses include songs from various genres like Nature poetry, Childrens' songs in simple Hindi, Prayers, and verses, all leading to a discovery of Swaras, Raga and Taal.
Duration: 12 sessions
Time: Saturdays 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Starts May 11, 2019
Fees: INR 6000
Ages: 5+ to 8

 Summer Workshop - My India 

This course will take children on a musical field trip around India- they will learn songs from different regions A blend of different language songs exposing children to not just different languages but cultures, history, geography and musicality. Through each song the students will be exposed to the region, history of the place, different musical instruments from the region and also some vocabulary from the language. The students will also learn through the song important elements of Music like Pitch, Rhythm, Dynamics, Expressions etc.
Duration: 6 sessions.  
Time: Tue, Wed, Thu (10: AM - 12:00 PM)  
Starts April 30, 2019
Fees: INR 4000 
Ages: 5+ to 8

Hindi Movie Songs

This course is aimed at beginners who wish to dabble in light music. Learn the basics of singing and 2 Hindi Movie Songs with Sargams to get the right pitch and inflections of singing these songs - The class chooses the songs from a specified list.
Duration: 12 sessions
Time: Saturdays 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Starts April 14, 2019
Fees: INR 4000
Ages: 18+


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