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Course duration
12 week(s)
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This course introduces students to the concept of arpeggios. The course teaches students to apply arpeggios over chords

Course Format

12 classes 45 minutes each 


1: To help students understand the concept of arpeggios.

2: To familiarize the student with using arpeggios over the chord progression.

3: To familiarize the student with the notes within each chord.

4: To give the student the ability to play more musically.

Completion of Guitar 102

  • Concept of Arpeggios
  • Application of Arpeggios over chords

1:Students will have learned 4 types of arpeggios (MAJOR, MINOR, DOMINANT, MINOR7th FLAT5)

2. Students will know how to use the concept of arpeggios in a musical setup.