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'Akhiyan Hari Darashan ki pyasi' is a song deeply immersed in the feeling of seperation from the Divine. The depth of devotion is portrayed by Ragas of the Pooriya family and Lalit. The Ragas seemlessly blend into each other highlighting the emotion of devotion. This is a Bhajan of the saint poet Soordasji. These verses describe the conversation between the Gopikas and Krishna's learned friend Uddhav.

Course Format

Introduction to the Bhajan, Akhiyan Hari Darshan

Learning the song Akhiyan Hari Darshan 


To develop awareness about Soordas and his work

To understand the jist meaning of the verses of the song

To develop awareness about the Ragas and their skillful blending to bring out the expressions in the Bhajan

To understand the nuances by Swara mapping

To learn to recite the Theka of Bhajan Taal

To understand the Laya of the song 

To learn the Bhajan by putting together all the concepts

 Learning outcomes

The student is able to

skillfully present the Bhajan 'Akhiyan Hari Darshan ki Pyasi '  with an insight into the use of Ragas and different forms of notes.

The Skill Level  recomended for this course is HV301. The student needs to have exposure to classical music for at least 4 years.

Introduction to the song Akhiyan Hari Darshan ki
  • Soordasji and his work
  • The meaning of the Bhajan Akhiyan Hari Darshan
  • The Ragas in the song Akhiyan Hari Darshan ki
  • Bhajan Taal
Learning the song Akhiyan Hari Darshan ki
  • Lyrics of the song Akhiyan Hari Darshan ki
  • Explanation of the Mukhda of the song Akhiyan Hari Darshan ki
  • Antara 1 Aaye Udho
  • Antara 2 Kesar Tilak
  • Antara 3 Kahoke Man ki
  • Antara 4 Surdas Prabhu
  • Presentation of the Bhajan Akhiyan with Taal
Improvisation in the song Akhiyan Hari Darshan ki
  • Model Aalap within the Bhajan Akhiyan
  • Model Sargam within the Bhajan Akhiyan