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Course duration
12 week(s)
Max class size
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Students will learn to sing the Mandra sthayi varisais (Lower Octave exercises) and will continue to learn more Swarajathis in different ragams introducing them to newer ragams. A slight variation if the Geetham is introduced here – Lakshana Geetham (that which describes the ragam). Creative exercises will be given.

Course Format

Batch Size: 1

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week


A step further into the detailed learning of Carnatic music with the swarajathis and the introduction of the lakshana geethams. By this time the student should be comfortable in creating small swara phrases in the ragas learnt so far.


Student should have completed CV101, 102, 103, 104, 105 or should know Basics of Carnatic music, Familiarity with Talams, alankarams. Should know about 4 geethams and also Swarajathis. Should be familiar with and be able to identify the ragams. Student should be able to sing all carnatic exercises with ease. Level description: The student will learn the lower sthayi varisais here. Will also learn two more swarajathis. The student will also be introduced to Lakshana geethams.


Keezhsthayi Exercises
  • Shankarabaranam
  • Mayamalavagowla
Geetham - Anandabhairavi
  • Kamalasulochana
Swarajathi - Khamas
  • Sambashivayanave
Lakshana Geetham
  • Jaganmohini Lakshana Geetham
  • Kalyani Lakshana Geetham
  • Musical history of Shyama Shastri
  • Musical history of Tyagaraja
  • Musical History of Muthuswamy Dikshitar
  • Different Carnatic forms - Geetham and Swarajathi
Swarajathi-Kharaharapriya (Optional)
  • Kharaharapriya Swarajathi

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student should be able to

- Sing the keezhsthayi exercises all the sampoorna ragas learnt earlier.

- Identify and sing the twelve swarasthanas with a good amount of perfection.

- Sing all the geethams /swarajathis taught so far in shruti and thalam.