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Learn to sing one of the popular song from the movie Yadoon ki baarat - 'Chura Liya" sung by Asha Bhosle and Mohamed Rafi. This course will teach you the lyrics, the musical composition and the inflections and ornamentations of the song that bring out the emotions related to the situation in the movie.


Have fun singing one of your favorite songs!

  • Preface from Shankar Mahadevan to OM Book
  • Introdction to the song
  • Lyrics
  • Reference
Mukhda of the song
  • Mukhda Introduction
  • Lyrics of Mukhda
  • Ornamentation and Inflection of Mukha
  • Learning & Practice of Mukhda
  • Explanation of Mukhda
Antara 1 of the song
  • Introduction to Antara 1 of the song
  • Lyrics of Antara 1
  • Ornamentation and Inflection Antara 1
  • Learning & Practice of Antara 1
  • Explanation of Antara 1
Antara 2 of the song
  • Introduction to Antara 2 of the song
  • Lyrics of Antara 2
  • Ornamentation and Inflection Antara 2
  • Learning & Practice of Antara 2
  • Explanation of Antara 2
Full song
  • Singing of the Entire Song
  • Lyrics of the entire song
  • Learning and Practice of entire song
  • Reference
Piano sheet music and Guitar tabs.
  • Piano sheet music
  • Guitar tabs