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"I am extremely excited to bring to you one of my all time favorite renditions on Ganesha - Gananayakaya which will be a self study course and I will be teaching you how to sing this beautiful song with the help of pre-recorded lessons" - Shankar Mahadevan

The course material has video recordings by Shankar Mahadevan explaining the nuances of the song. You may also choose to learn this song with a live instructor online in 4 sessions. 


  • Learn the song Gananayaka from the maestro Shankar

From 6 years onwards

Introduction to the song Gananayaka
  • Introduction to the song Gananayaka
Gananayaka - Mukhda
  • Gananayaka - Mukhda
Gananayaka - Antara
  • Gananayaka - Antara
Karoke track Gananayaka
  • Karoke track Gananayaka
Lyrics of Gana Nayakaya
  • Lyrics of Gana Nayakaya