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Jamuna Kinare is a melody emerging from the culturally rich land of Malwa. This folk melody is based on Raga Pahadi. It is interesting to see the transition of these melodies into classical music, to develop this unique genere of light classical music. This course introduces the student to Raga Pahadi and the shades of different Ragas you could incorporate while doing improvisation within Pahadi in this song.

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Skill Level HV205

Raga Pahadi description
  • Raga Pahadi Raga roop
  • Raga Pahadi Swaras
About the song Jamuna Kinare
  • Folk tunes of Malwa
  • Jamuna Kinare poetry and meaning
Learning the song Jamuna Kinare
  • Mukhda and improvisation
  • Learning the Antaras of the song Jamuna Kinare
  • Singing Jamuna Kinare