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This course will focus on 3, very beautiful, well known and popular compositions. The compositions are in Nattai, Hindolam and a Ragamalika. The first is Maha Ganapathim, a composition by Sri. Mutthuswami. Dikshitar, one of our Trinity composers. This song is in the ragam Nattai and is set to Adi Thalam. Nattai is also one of the Ragams featuring in Thyagaraja’s famous “Pancharatna Kritis” in the song “Jagadanandakaaraka”. This song Maha Ganapathim became more popular after it was featured in a Tamil Film “ Sindhu Bhairavi” The next is Yaare Rangana, a devarnama by Saint Purandara Dasa, the Pitamaha of our music. This song is in the Ragam HIndolam and is set to Adi thalam. Hindolam is a Ragam which is a part of both Hindustani and Carnatic styles of music. In Hindustani it is called Malkauns. Theeradha vilayatu pillai, a very popular composition with both the lay and the connoisseurs, has been written by Subramania Bharathi. This is a Ragamalika and is set to Khanda Chapu Thalam. The Ragams in this composition are Sindhubhairavi, Khamas, Shanmukhapriya and Maand.


Enjoy practicing and singing these popular compositions in Carnatic Classical music with the guidance of a master and wonderful training tools.

Familiarize yourself with ragas like Nattai, Hindolam , Sindhubhairavi, Khamas, Shanmukhapriya and Maand.

Familiarize yourself with a challenging thalam like Khanda Chapu

Gives you an opportunity to put into practical use the basic concepts your have already learnt by way of singing these compositions.


A basic knowledge of the swaras and swarasthanas in Carnatic Music would be good. Alternatively, students who have completed CVOC 103 with the Academy or HVOC 102 with the Academy are suitable to choose this as an elective course.
Maha Ganapathim
  • Pallavi of Mahaganapathim
  • Samashti Charanam of Mahaganapathim
  • Entire Song Mahaganapathim
Yaare Rangana
  • Pallavi of Yaare Rangana
  • Charanam of Yaare Rangana
  • Entire Song Yaare Rangana
Theeradha Vilayatu Pillai
  • Pallavi of Theeradha Vilayatu Pillai
  • Charanam 1 of Theeradha Vilayatu Pillai
  • Charanam 2 of Theeradha Vilayatu Pillai
  • Charanam 3 of Theeradha Vilayatu Pillai
  • Charanam 4 of Theeradha Vilayatu Pillai
  • Entire Song Theeradha Vilayatu Pillai