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This beautiful Kabir Bhajan sung by Pt. Kumar Gandharva has been a favorite among listeners of music. There are versions based on folk traditions. Here we are making an effort to soak into the essence of Kumarji's iterpretation. His rendition is rhythmic and pleasant, though the song talks about the hardest truth.

Course Format



To develop awareness about Kabir and his work

To know the jist meaning of the verses of the song

To develop awareness about the Raga to bring out the expressions in the Bhajan

To understand the nuances by Swara mapping

To learn to recite the Theka of  the Taal

To understand the Laya of the song 

To learn the Bhajan by putting together all the concepts

Skill Level HV203

Introduction to the song- Kaun Thagva
  • Kabir and his works
  • About the song Kaun Thagva
Learning the song Kaun Thagva
  • Lyrics of the song Kaun Thagva
  • Swaras of the song Kaun Thagva
  • Learning Kaun Thagva
  • Singing Kaun Thagva with Taal
  • Kaun Thagva Practice

The student is able to

present the Bhajan 'Kaun Thagva '  with an insight into the expressions and rhythm.