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This course has been designed and created for Teachers who want to start teaching Hindustani Vocal music lessons  or who are already teaching and would like to develop their teaching strategies to evolve into teachers who create an effective and engaging classroom for their students. 

The course offers the student- teacher to uncover the essential elements of an effective/engagaging classroom starting with undertstanding pedagogy of good teaching-learning and then using that learning to apply it for specifics of Hindustani vocal genre. 

Course Format

Course format is divided into

1. Pedagogy Teaching-Learning

2. Applying the learning to specifics of HIndustani Vocal genre

3. Mock session as Summative 

Session No. Week Topics Duration (min)
1 1 Vision, objective,Learning Style, Safe Classroom 90
2 1 Scaffolding, Higher Order Thinking, Teaching for Creativity 90
3 2 Analysis of Assessments for session 1 and 2  45
4 2 Online teaching and best practices 60
5 3 Hindustani Specific Training 120
6 3 Discussion of Assessments, Rubric building for Mock Class 45
7 4 Mock Class 60


This course will cover the following:

  • Vision and objective for Teaching (with Shankar Mahadevan Academy) or elsewhere 
  • Teaching for Different Learning Styles and Skill Levels
  • Teaching to create a safe Classroom 
  • Teaching with Scaffolding 
  • Bloom's Taxonomy for Higher Order Teaching
  • Teaching for Creativity
  • Teaching Methodology for Hindustani Vocal 
  • Teaching Online - Tools, Best Practices and Teaching Aids
  • Preparing for and Conducting a Class Online

  • Good Grasp of Sur and Laya. Ability to Sing with a Tanpura.
  • Knowledge of Hindustani Genre of Music
  • Enthusiasm for Teaching
  • Openness and Curiosity to Learn
  • Able to Communciate in English to understand the teaching and apply the learning
  • The student should have the ability to sing in perfect Sur and mature vocal technique, Swara Vistar,Chhota Khayal and Bada Khayal with self composed Aalap, Taan in at least 15 Raga, have a knowledge of Dhrupad and Tarana, ability to compose Sargam Geet and songs in any of the Ragas learnt. The performance skills need to be ably supported by theoretical knowledge of Ragas and related concepts 
Pedagogy in General
  • Vision and objective
  • Learning styles
  • Safe Classroon
  • ZPD & Scaffolding
  • Higher Order thinking skills
  • Teaching for Creativity
  • Teaching in an online medium
Pedagogy for Hindustani Vocal Genre
  • Apply the understanding of pedagogy learnt to different teaching scenarios for Hindustani Vocal
Mock Session
  • Prepare for mock session by creating assessments and rubrics
  • Mock session

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Assess your aptitude, skills and motivation for teaching
  • Learn to teach using innovative methods for creative learning
  • Learn to teach a class online
  • Learn to teach Hindustani vocal specific teaching methodologies