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Thumak Chalat is the Bhajan that paints the picture of the toddler Sri Ram, just learning to walk. This song of Tulasidas is soaked in 'Vatsalya Bhava' describing affection. The Bhajan is set to Taal Dadra, a six beat rhythm cycle. This course maps the song to the Swaras, to facilitate systematic learning and clarity. This is one of the Bhajans popularised by Pt. D.V. Paluskar. You must have listened to the version of this song sung by Lata Mangeshkar. 

Course Format

Introduction to the song- Thumak Chalat

Taal Dadra

Learning the Bhajan- Thumak Chalat



To develop awareness about Tulasidas and his Bhajans

To understand the jist meaning of the song

To develop awareness about the Swaras applied in the song

To learn to recite the Theka of Taal Dadra

To learn the Bhajan 'Thumak Chalat' 

Learning outcomes

The student is able to

present the Bhajan 'Thumak Chalat' in perfection with Sur and Taal.


Introduction to the Bhajan- Thumak Chalat
  • Tulasidas
  • About the Bhajan- Thumak Chalat
  • Meaning of the Bhajan- Thumak Chalat
Taal Dadra
  • Taal description- Dadra
  • Bol of Taal Dadra
Learning the Bhajan -Thumak Chalat
  • Learning the Mukhda -Thumak Chalat
  • Learning the Antara1 - Kilaki Kilaki
  • Learning the Antara 2 - Anchala raja (improvised)
  • Learning the Antara 3 - Vidhrum se (improvised)
  • Learning the Antara 4 - Tulasidas(improvised)
  • Learning -Thumak Chalat- improvisation