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This Surdas Bhajan is set to a rare and one of the most beautiful morning Ragas Anand Bhairav.

This is set to tune by Smt. Apoorva Gokhale. 

'Udho Kaho Hari' is a Bhajan which is a part of the conversation of the Gopikas and Uddhav, who has been sent by Krishna. Uddhav's purpose was to impart his knpwledge to the people of Brindavan. But he bows down to the Gopikas and finds that their Bhakti to Krishna is unmatchable to the path of knowledge. 

Course Format

Introducrion to the song 'Udho hari'

Introduction to the Raga Anand Bhairav

Learning the song Udho Hari


To develop awareness about Soordas and his work

To understand the jist meaning of the verses of the song

To develop awareness about the Raga and its expressions in the Bhajan

To understand the nuances by Swara mapping

To  recite the Theka of Bhajan Taal

To understand the Laya of the song 

To learn the Bhajan by putting together all the concepts

 Learning outcomes

The student is able to

skillfully present the Bhajan 'Udho Hari '  with an understanding of the Raga and ability to do improvisation.

Skill Level HV210

  • about the raga & taal
  • about the composition and composer
Part 1 (Stayi)
  • notation & teaching
  • practice
Part 2 (Antara)
  • notation & teaching
  • practice
Part 3 (Antara)
  • notation & teaching
  • practice
Putting it all together