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4 week(s)
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Vishwaadhaara Vinayaka is a melodious prayer to Lord Ganesha. This Ganesh Vandana can be sung individually and also in a group. This course includes a Shloka for composition


To learn the Bhajan Vishwaadhaara Vinaayaka 

To learn to develop a small Aalap in the beginning of the song

To compose a tune for the Shloka on Ganesha, based on the Bhajan

To understand the nuances in the song

To practice some voice culture exercises through basic Swaras

To learn about the meaning of the song

Skill Level HV101

Ganesha Shloka
  • Ganesha Shloka words
  • Ganesha Shloka meaning
  • Ganesha Shloka learning
Vishwaadhaara Vinayaka
  • Vishwaadhaara Vinayaka words
  • Meaning
  • Vishwaadhaara Vinayaka learning
  • Vishwaadhaara Vinayaka Practice

The student is able to

present the song Vishwaadhaara Vinayaka in Sur and Taal with expressions

present the Shloka in the self composed tune