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Joy of Singing (H) 703


Hindustani classical music training for a period of one year or passed HVOC102 from the Academy. The students joining directly need to submit the prerequisite assessment.Also the CVOC students of the academy can join these courses but they need to undergo with a prerequisite assessment.


The course will focus on a variety of beautiful compositions based on 3 main Ragas: Raga Bhairav, Raga Bhairavi and Raga Bageshree. For each Raga taught in the course, you will learn the concepts of Aroha and Avaroha, followed by the composition Swaramalika. You will also gain insight into other Ragas that are closer to the Raga being taught and most importantly, great compositions based on the Raga. Raga Bhairav:Learn a melodious Kabir Bhajan ‘ Naam hari ka Jap le bande….”. This composition is not in Raga Bhairav but one of the adjacent Ragas called Ahir Bhairav. As an introduction to the Raga, you will learn a chain of notes in the form of a composition along with the Aroha and Avaroha of the Raga. Raga Bhairavi: Raga Bharavi is one of the most important Ragas in Hindustani Music. Without this Raga, a concert cannot be concluded. Again, enjoy learning to sing the deeply moving Kabir Bhajan ‘Beet gaye din bhajan bina….” which emphasizes the importance of spirituality in our life. We have also put together references which provide information on songs based on Raga Bhairavi. Raga Bageshree: Raga Bageshree has a power to captivate audiences effortlessly. We will be learning the devotional song “ Hari hari jap le manva…” which talks about how God is always there with us if we pray with faith. The teacher will also help you fine tune your performance of any song based on these 3 Ragas.