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Hindustani Vocal 106


The student needs to complete HV105 from the academy OR the student should be able to: • Sing stable notes perfectly in tune with the Tanpura • Sing Swar Vistar with clarity of understanding in the Raga structure • Sing Chhota Khayal with self-created Aalap and Taan • Create a Sargam Geet and a Tarana • Listen to a musical sound and identify Shudh, Komal and Tivra Swaras • Read notations and also do Swara mapping at a basic level


This course reinforces MandraSwar Sadhana, Alankar and Swar Pehechan. The study of Raga characteristics Vadi, Samvadi, Raga Jaati are detailed out. Ragas learnt are Des and Kaafi. In these Ragas ChhotaKhayal and different compositions are sung. Raga that is revisited is BrindavaniSarang. Swar Vistar is learnt in this Raga. Layakari is done by fractioning every beat in Taal. Student composition is done by figuring out the Chhand or meter of the poetry given. While doing elements of composition, different components of a song are introduced.