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Carnatic Vocal 308


Those who have completed the CV307 from the Academy. Those who have trained in Carnatic music for at least 6.5 years and a strong foundation of Varnams, Kritis and singing kalpana swaras and alapanas.


This module takes us one step further into the depths of our music through two very grand compositions One , is a ragamalika with nine different ragas by swati tirunal describing the entire story of Ramayana through song. Here we are able to learn the nuances of nine different ragas and also improve our creative abilities by singing raga and swaras in them. Thodi, the emperor of ragas is learnt in depth through this composition of Saint Thyagaraja. This song helps in strengthening our mandhra sthayi singing too. Raga and swara for thodi is also dealt in this module with thanam singing to enable us to go to learning Ragam thanam and Pallavis.