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Carnatic Vocal 309


Those who have completed the CV308 from the Academy. Those who have trained in Carnatic music for at least 7 years and a strong foundation of Varnams, Kritis and singing kalpana swaras and alapanas.


Here , the learning done so far is going to help understand and create an entire pallavi. This is purely the creation of the student. Here the student learns what goes into making a pallavi. What are the salient features to be kept in mind while creating a pallavi. How to make them mathematically interesting with a progression. What are the various ways in which the same created pallavi can be rendered in different thalas. What is anuloma and pratiloma? How to sing the pallavi in different speeds , thisra etc. Then comes the actual performance itself of the pallavi , complete with raga, niraval , kalpana swara and raga malika swaras.