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Hindustani Vocal 402


The student has completed HV401 at the academy OR the student has learnt Hindustani Vocal for above 8 years. The student needs to fulfill the pre requisites set by the academy.


This course will deal with three varieties of Malhar, the Raga family associated with the life giving season in India, the monsoons. Raga in this family is Miya ki Malhar and is attributed to Miya Tansen. In addition, this course will contain Goud Malhar and Sur Malhar. Theory – includes the study of Malhar Raganga and the way it is applied in different Prakars of Malhar. Relationship between the Swaras and Rasas as explained in the Natyashastra, this topic dealt with greater depth here. The lyrical content of the Bandishes in Malhar and their association to the mood created by the Raga. Origin and evolution of Dhrupad Aalap style.